Request A Free Shell

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How to get a free shell. First you need to register in the Forums and your nickname on IRC.

To get a free eggdrop/irssi/weechat/bitchx you must make a request with this command:
/msg veselba eggdrop reference
Where is the server or network you will connect the bot to and reference is an information how did you find out about Fewona.
Example: /msg veselba eggdrop google
If you want an eggdrop for ipv6 server (and vhost) use:
/msg veselba eggdrop6 reference
Example: /msg veselba eggdrop6 by friend Rix

To get a free znc account you must make e request with this command:
/msg veselba znc reference
For example:
/msg veselba znc I knew Fewona IRC and found out they give free shells
or an example for znc with ipv6 vhost: /msg veselba znc6 googled
If you will use a second network please specify it using a comma, for example:
/msg veselba znc, googled

You may request both znc and eggdrop.
You may use up two networks in znc (if you have specified it in the request)

To get a free shell for other use like python bot or other stuff, or request more than one eggdrop
or more than two znc networks, you must make a request by providing the following information below:

  1. Your Nickname (forums account and nickname in irc must be the same):
  2. What services do you plan to use (please be specific):
  3. If the services are irc-related, on what network will they be used:
    If not - what processes will you run and approximately how much resources would you need (cpu, ram, space, traffic):
    Additional information such as purpose of usage will be useful for us
  4. How did you find out about Fewona Free Shells?

Please paste it in the forums or somewhere in pastebin.

DO NOT give any personal information to anyone (i.e. passwords/email etc)

To maintain your account active, visit Fewona IRC Network and Channel #fewona at least once a week and login(identify) in NickServ with the command /id password
This is required so that we can suspend and prune inactive accounts in order to free server resources and allow new users to have a shell.

Read the rules here

More info about accounts click here